NASA Is Making a Plan for Asteroids

asteroid heading to earth

We’ve all seen the sci-fi thrillers: an asteroid comes crashing to the Earth and the world erupts into mass chaos and destruction. Either that or an alien infestation. Though some of these scenarios are more realistic than others, NASA has committed to taking new steps to make sure none of them become a reality. In […]

The Opportunity Rover

A rover on Mars

The Opportunity rover may have no more chances. On June 8th, NASA confirmed that Opportunity would be entering sleep mode as a massive dust storm overtook part of Mars. Bill Nelson, chief of the Opportunity mission’s engineering team at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, told Mashable that they aren’t hearing from the bot and that “it’s […]

Robot Bees… On Mars?

Mars floating in space.

You’ve no doubt heard about the crisis facing bees. The bee population is dwindling, and without bees, vegetation would struggle to grow- leaving us all in trouble. While efforts have been made to protect these insects, NASA has an extremely different idea. Robotic bees… on Mars. Announced on March 30th, NASA plans to replace traditional […]