NASA & SMART Airless Tires

Tomorrow's World Today NASA SMART Airless Tire 2

The SMART Tire Company, in partnership with NASA, is in the process of developing bike tires that are completely flat-proof. That’s right, the same innovative, airless tires that help Martian Rovers navigate the Red Planet could also be part of your bike commute to work. The shape memory alloy SMART airless tires was made with […]

Best Innovations of 2020

Tomorrow's World Today Top 2020 Innovations 1

Given that the majority of this year has focused on the global pandemic, it can be hard to imagine that there are still people out there who have been inventing and innovating and continuing to drive the world forward. Though much of this year has been focused on our health and safety, innovation has still […]

Mars Ingenuity Helicopter

Tomorrow's World Today Mars Ingenuity 3

The Mars Ingenuity Helicopter is poised to be the first helicopter to fly in outer space. The helicopter is currently positioned in the belly of the Perseverance rover which launched last month. Their interface recently caused the project to hit a milestone when the rover successfully charged the rotorcraft’s six lithium batteries up to 35% […]

Parker Solar Probe: Gateway to the Sun

As the myth of Icarus taught us, flying too close to the sun results in getting burned. This applies to within our atmosphere alone- there’s a reason the only hospitable planet in our solar system is nearly 100 million miles away from the star. But what if we could get closer- within only a few […]

TWT S1 E6: Mars, Space Travel and Veggies

TWT Show Stories Mars Missions 4

So far on TWT, George and Tamara have spent a lot of time researching ideas for The Park of the Future, and now it’s time to planet. In this episode, George and Tamara journey to NASA to learn about the history of space travel, Mars colonization projects like space veggies, and scholarships funding upcoming innovators. […]

A Slow Descent: Boeing’s Parachutes for NASA

Boeing parachutes being tested for NASA

While the takeoff is the most commonly watched part of a space expedition, the re-entry is equally important. The biggest challenge, of course, is ensuring that the spacecraft doesn’t burn up upon hitting the atmosphere. Another task is finding the proper landing site- most frequently, a large and empty body of water. Instead of rockets […]

Supersonic Style: the Supersonic Green Machine

Green Supersonic Machine

It’s mean, it’s lean, it’s covered in green. It can travel at supersonic speeds without creating ear-shattering sonic booms. No, it’s not Superman swapping his costume with the Green Lantern’s- it’s the Supersonic Green Machine. Designed by the Lockheed Martin Corporation for NASA, the Supersonic Green Machine is an aircraft capable of overland supersonic flight. […]

Kilopower: Nuclear Fission… In Space!

Scientists have been trying to use nuclear power in outer space for decades now, with varying results. Unlike traditional solar power, nuclear power systems take up less space and can be used in areas without access to the sun. Some estimates even suggest that proper usage of nuclear can reduce both cost and flight time. […]

Going Hypersonic: Super Speedy Planes

A sonic jet at sunset

The fastest aircraft in the world clocks in at Mach 6.70. That’s roughly 4473 miles per hour. For reference, the fastest human on Earth (Usain Bolt) has a record speed of 27.73mph. The jet is 161 times faster, give or take a few decimals. It’s no question that we want our planes to be fast…but […]