Paricutin: The Volcano that Rocked the World

Paricutin volcano in the distance

In the first month or so of 1943, Michoacan, Mexico was experiencing earthquakes. They weren’t terribly powerful–only registering around 3.2 on the Richter scale–but they were frequent. Residents also reported hearing thunder, even when the skies were clear. In the late afternoon of February 20, the source of the phenomena was revealed: a new volcano […]

The World’s Largest Underwater Cave

Beautiful view of Cenote Suytun in Valladolid city - Yucatán Peninsula - Mexico

Two-hundred and sixteen miles…that’s just a bit under the distance between Philadelphia and Virginia Beach, nearly the length of 3,802 football fields, or the length of the longest underwater cave in the world. Discovered near the resort town of Tulum, Mexico, two connected underwater caves (named Sac Actun and Dos Ojos) have not just broken […]