How Rain Boots Are Made

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With spring in full swing, galoshes or rain boots are a must to keep our toes dry whether we’re running errands or taking a relaxing stroll around the neighborhood. There are three different processes used to make galoshes, the first involves rubber boots made from sheets. This is when rubber is poured in sheet form […]

How Silverware Is Made

Tomorrow's World Today Silverware Manufacturing 1

 The Thanksgiving table isn’t complete without the utensils used to stuff our faces with all the turkey, creamy mashed potatoes, and buttery corn that our hearts (and stomachs) desire. And we’ve all got that one set of silverware that we save for special occasions like this.  Whether it’s handed down from older generations or a […]

How Sunglasses Are Made: History and Production

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Sunglasses not only protect your eyes from those harmful UV rays, but they’re also an iconic fashion statement piece. And, in these blazing summer months, you couldn’t be more grateful for these little accessories which allow you to avoid having to squint and cover your eyes during sunny afternoons. But do you know how your […]

Blademasters: How to Make a Sword

A sword, isolated on black.

The staple weapon of fictional heroes everywhere: the sword. While most associate the blade with fantasy characters and ancient warriors, swords are real weapons that are still in use today. While they’re less in use as a weapon and more as a hobby; practices like kendo and fencing are still wildly popular across the world. […]

Lighting the Forge: The Blacksmithing Revival

A piece of metal being forged.

If there’s one profession that seems destined to remain in medieval times and fantasy worlds, it’s blacksmithing. Most people have no need for a sword or battleax, which makes the practice somewhat obsolete. But blacksmithing has not been lost to time or dismissed as something from Dungeons and Dragons. The job is still around and […]