Computer Recycling: A Detailed Guide

It’s always difficult to buy a new computer. So many technical specifications and models to consider, even within the same operating system…and that’s not even getting into the cost. And getting rid of the old machine can be a little sad. Fortunately, when it’s time to upgrade, recycling can take care of what’s now obsolete. […]

Inside The Reebok Liquid Factory

3D Printer

As Bill McInnis from Reebok Future puts it, “shoes are expensive because molds are expensive.” So, what would happen if you removed molds from the equation? Reebok’s Liquid Factory has created a new way to build shoes from the sole up. Using 3D drawing, sneakers are drawn with a special plastic developed specifically for this […]

How Ice Skates are Made

While many winter sports are modern inventions, ice skating is not among them. There is evidence that suggests some form of the hobby has been around since 1000 BC. Granted, this was a more primitive version with bones being strapped to boots, but the concept is a long-standing tradition. And as society evolved, so did […]

Artificial Christmas Trees: How They’re Made

Happy holidays! It’s the season for time for reflection and being with loved ones. And if you are with those you hold dear, you might be in the presence of a Christmas tree. A real tree’s origins are obvious; it was previously part of a forest or a dedicated farm. But how is an artificial […]

Spinnin’ Records: How They’re Made

While most consider them relics of the past, vinyl records are still very much in production. Many music fans find the sound richer than a digital recording, and the novelty of owning a record can’t be overlooked. The process of creating the record has also remained largely unchanged since the days of the phonograph, with […]

How Lithium Batteries Are Made

Rows of lithium batteries

Electric batteries are being installed in more car models each year. While purely electric cars are still rare, they’re frequently found in hybrids, which use them in conjunction with traditional fuel. Lead-acid and nickel-metal hydride batteries are options, but the most popular (and most reliable) is one made with lithium-ion. But in that statistic lies […]

How To Build a Food Truck

A group of food trucks outside

Food trucks have long been a staple of country fairs and other events, but only in the past few years have they really exploded. Many existing restaurants have bought food trucks in hopes of promoting and selling their food outside their main establishment. Others who may not have the means to buy a building turn […]

How Tires Are Made

Inside a tire production facility

A tire- specifically, a car tire- seems like a simple device at its core. It’s a wheel of vulcanized rubber designed to give the car traction and stability in all conditions. Something as basic as that can’t have a complicated production process, can it? Of course it can…simply because of the number of factors and […]