French Street Artist JR

Tomorrow's World Today Artist Spotlight JR 3

Photographer and French street artist JR has created a unique style that involves pasting giant photographs to the sides of buildings.

Sustainable Hotels Around the World

Tomorrow's World Today Sustainable Hotels Around the World 4

As an eco-friendly traveler, sometimes you have to work backward when you make your travel plans. Rather than the stereotypical trip planning model where you brainstorm your destination, then look into accommodation options, you’ll often have to do the reverse. The truth is, the world isn’t bustling with sustainable travel options yet. So it’s often […]

La Machine: A New Take on Performance Art

Les Machines de L'ile by La Machine

A giant, flying greenhouse. A pair of oversized, mechanical spiders. A fairground, teaching children about pyrotechnics. These all sound like elements from a fantasy novel or future attractions at a theme park. Close, but no cigar- they’re all productions put on by La Machine. La Machine is a French production company specializing in spectacles that […]