Vertical Aerospace Mans Up

Flying car by Vertical Aerospace

Here at Tomorrow’s World Today, we’re no strangers to covering flying cars. Uber, Rolls-Royce, and other companies are all attempting to recreate the vehicle of choice for superheroes (and villains) everywhere. UK-based startup Vertical Aerospace is throwing their hat in the flying car ring as well, but with a twist. While most are focusing on […]

Flying with Aston Martin

The pinnacle of future technology: the flying car. Many pieces of science fiction feature this staple, and it’s easy to understand why. With it, dealing with traffic would be a thing of the past. Unfortunately, it seems that flying cars are exactly that: fiction. Unless you have the money to afford an Aston Martin. The […]

The Rise of Uber Elevate

uber air

When we think of flying cars, our minds go to a futuristic thriller like Blade Runner or a comically imaginative cartoon like the Jetsons. It’s hard to think of something so futuristic outside of the realm of fiction- but it could be in our very near future. Uber recently announced plans to establish what they […]