Episode 310: All About Energy Crops

It may be a little corny, but learning about the future of biofuels is a-maze-ing! In this episode of Tomorrow’s World Today, Darieth visited the company POET located in South Dakota. There, she learned about their process of turning corn stover into biofuel, a renewable energy source. Luckily, corn isn’t the only crop out there […]

Corn Stover & The Future of Biofuels

Tomorrow's World Today Corn Stover Biofuel 1

The potential for sustainable energy is all around us. The earth is simultaneously asking us to save it while providing us with the means to do so. And many of the most viable forms of sustainable energy come from natural resources and phenomena. There’s wind energy which we’ve been able to harness through wind farms […]

Biofuels- the Energy of Tomorrow

A farm with a gas cannister in the foreground.

Ethanol. Olive oil. Biodiesel. Manure. None of these items seem to have much in common- but actually, they’re all biofuels. Biofuels are exactly what they sound like: fuels created from biological compounds and other natural products. While they serve a variety of purposes, the biggest focus is using it for transportation and vehicles. You’ve no […]