Episode 305: Sustainable Distilleries

Liquor can come in a variety of colors from golden to deep brown to even clear, but how do we make the process of creating liquor more green? In this episode of Tomorrow’s World Today, correspondent Darieth visited Bulleit distillery headquarters to learn about the history behind their bourbon, their distilling process, and their innovative […]

Episode 301: Renewable Energy

Even with the world progressing toward renewable energy sources, they can still sometimes take us by surprise. In this episode of Tomorrow’s World Today, Darieth travels to California and speaks with SoCal regarding their work turning methane from cows into renewable energy. Darieth also visits the University of California Irvine to learn about their work […]

Corn Stover & The Future of Biofuels

Tomorrow's World Today Corn Stover Biofuel 1

The potential for sustainable energy is all around us. The earth is simultaneously asking us to save it while providing us with the means to do so. And many of the most viable forms of sustainable energy come from natural resources and phenomena. There’s wind energy which we’ve been able to harness through wind farms […]

Fuel Cells: Myths and Facts

fuel cell

Like you, we are always on the lookout for sustainable energy sources. Fuel cells convert hydrogen (the fuel) to electricity without combustion (burning).  Many first convert natural gas to hydrogen and then convert the hydrogen to electricity:     Our world is primed to use them as clean, economically-viable power sources. Since today just happens to […]

TWT S1 E3: Home Grown Natural Gas

TWT Show Stories Natural Gas 4

The expansion of natural gas use may seem like a pipe dream for some, but George speculates that it may be a great back-up power source for The Park of the Future. To look into the possibility, Tamara is sent to speak with Cheniere Energy. She learns about the conversion of natural gas from a […]

The Evolution of Energy

Green evolution diagram

Let’s travel back to the 17th century, right before the Industrial Revolution. It’s a bit cold out, so you bundled up in heavy layers and lit a fire. The mill where you work is powered by a water wheel. Once the grain is milled, you take it to various distributors with your horse and wagon. […]

Building Solar Farms: An Easy Process

A solar farm at sunset

Solar power should be, by all accounts, more popular than it already is. While technically not an infinite resource, the sun will be around long enough to provide plenty of energy. The science behind solar panels is simple and they’re easy to make. It’s only thanks to a select few that solar farms aren’t a […]

Wind Lens: The Future of Turbines

Wind turbines, the successor to windmills, aren’t a terribly common sight in many parts of the world. In order for the machines to work, they need to have a healthy supply of windy weather. They can also be expensive to build and install, depending on what materials are used. Because it’s a form of alternative […]

The (Surprisingly Simple) Science Behind Solar Panels

A row of solar panels.

Most people are, at the very least, aware of what a solar panel is. By drawing in the preexisting energy given off by the sun, the panels convert that energy into electricity. But not as many know how that process is completed. It’s surprisingly simple, although some of the terminologies are complex. A solar panel […]

Biofuels- the Energy of Tomorrow

A farm with a gas cannister in the foreground.

Ethanol. Olive oil. Biodiesel. Manure. None of these items seem to have much in common- but actually, they’re all biofuels. Biofuels are exactly what they sound like: fuels created from biological compounds and other natural products. While they serve a variety of purposes, the biggest focus is using it for transportation and vehicles. You’ve no […]