Sustainable Utilities and Technologies

The continued development and implementation of sustainable practices are paramount to the long-term health of our planet. Those of us who hope for a more eco-friendly future often picture it in abstract terms. Perhaps we think of a highway teeming with electric cars or solar plates on the roof of every home on the block. […]

Building the Electric Motor

One of the earliest applications of electricity was the creation of the electric motor. The first DC electric motor appeared in 1832, invented by William Sturgeon. Hippolyte Pixii is cited with creating the first AC motor around the same time. While nearly 200 years have passed, the overall design for a motor hasn’t changed.  Amazingly, […]

Building Solar Farms: An Easy Process

A solar farm at sunset

Solar power should be, by all accounts, more popular than it already is. While technically not an infinite resource, the sun will be around long enough to provide plenty of energy. The science behind solar panels is simple and they’re easy to make. It’s only thanks to a select few that solar farms aren’t a […]

The (Surprisingly Simple) Science Behind Solar Panels

A row of solar panels.

Most people are, at the very least, aware of what a solar panel is. By drawing in the preexisting energy given off by the sun, the panels convert that energy into electricity. But not as many know how that process is completed. It’s surprisingly simple, although some of the terminologies are complex. A solar panel […]