TWT S2 E3: Algae The Power of Tomorrow

TWT Season 2 Biofuel 1

You may think it’s shocking, but understanding alternative fuel sources like biofuel and electricity isn’t algaebra. In this episode, Tamara visited Exonn and learned about the current research being done regarding biofuel. Certain biofuels like algae fuel are being grown and harvested so they can go directly into current diesel engines, thereby helping the environment […]

How Lithium Batteries Are Made

Rows of lithium batteries

Electric batteries are being installed in more car models each year. While purely electric cars are still rare, they’re frequently found in hybrids, which use them in conjunction with traditional fuel. Lead-acid and nickel-metal hydride batteries are options, but the most popular (and most reliable) is one made with lithium-ion. But in that statistic lies […]

Is The World Ready for Electric Vehicles?

Electric cars are far from a foreign or new concept. The first mainstream hybrid, the Toyota Prius, was released in Japan in 1997. Less than ten years later, Elon Musk started Tesla Motors in Silicon Valley. Even before both Tesla and Toyota, electric vehicles were the norm before the Model T took the world by storm […]

Electric Cars: How Production Affects Cost

An electric car charging.

While hybrids are a decently common sight, fully electric cars are less so. Part of it has to do with the price tag (even the cheapest models are close to $25,000). But a larger part is the manufacturing of the cars themselves. In March, BMW announced they wouldn’t be mass-producing electric cars until 2020. Their […]