White Sands National Park

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You’re standing on a hilltop and you see layers of pure white filling every hill as far as the eye can see. The flecks blow in the breeze as you trudge through, your feet brushing against the cool ground. It may sound like we’re describing a snowy mountaintop, but this is really the look and […]

Everglades National Park

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Wetlands are an extremely unique ecosystem on our planet. You may recognize them from virtually any nature documentary as you’d be hard-pressed to find one where they didn’t pay this environment a visit. They are the subject of awe to many because they include a rare blend of water plant life and wildlife entirely unique […]

The Three Best Nature Documentaries

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Believe it or not, you don’t have to take a plane across the world to experience its natural wonders. In fact, you can have a more up-close, educational, and inspiring relationship with animals and ecosystems from… your couch? There are some truly inspiring nature documentaries at our disposal that can take us all around the […]