Tomorrow's World Today Audi AI:TRAIL

The Audi AI:Trail is the fourth installment in Audi’s recently released series of concept cars with electric drive systems. The other vehicles in the series are the Aicon, the AI:ME, and the AI:RACE. This is part of a research initiative for Audi to explore the future of transport which could range from self-driving cars to […]

TWT S2 E6: Sustainable Dairy

TWT Season 2 Farming Tech 1

Here at TWT, we’re dairy excited about the latest robotics innovations- and they can be found in the most utterly unexpected places. In this episode, Tamara visits Sheridan Dairy where robots are being used to milk cows. The robotic technology available can be used not only to milk the cows in an organized manner, but […]

TWT S1 E7: Taking Flight With Drones

TWT truly reaches new heights in this episode as George and Tamara research both air travel and drones. Our two favorite park planners, realizing they need to look into different modes of travel for The Park of the Future, look into various innovations happening in the airline and drone industry. They discover that airlines like […]

Tamara’s Travel Blog: Vegas

las vegas desert

You know what they say: what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas…except when you’re catching it on video because you’re shooting a TV show! The TWT crew and I journeyed to Las Vegas to shoot part of Episode 107, which is focused on the technology of flight. Ironically, this was the episode for which I […]

Robot Bees… On Mars?

Mars floating in space.

You’ve no doubt heard about the crisis facing bees. The bee population is dwindling, and without bees, vegetation would struggle to grow- leaving us all in trouble. While efforts have been made to protect these insects, NASA has an extremely different idea. Robotic bees… on Mars. Announced on March 30th, NASA plans to replace traditional […]

The Rise of Workhorse

The Surefly Helicopter

Electric and hybrid cars are still fairly new to consumers, but their presence is already making waves. Companies like Tesla are taking a good chunk of the market and existing brands like Subaru and Toyota have hybrid options for most of their models. But one area that is sorely lacking is electric trucks. Not just […]