Walk This Way: Historical Shoe Exhibit

Tomorrow's World Today Walk This Way 3

These boots may have been made for walking, but now they’re serving an entirely different function. The latest display at the Taft Museum of Art features some fancy footwear in a historical tribute to a variety of different shoes. The collection itself began not as an art exhibit, but as a simple gift exchange between […]

How Dumbbells Are Made

Tomorrow's World Today How Dumbbells Are Made 1

One of the staples of the New Year is setting fitness goals for yourself. Any fitness fanatic knows that the gyms always get more crowded on the first of January as every newcomer chants the phrase ‘New Year, New You’ in their heads. Whether you’re a cardio junkie or a weightlifter, this is the time […]

How Wrapping Paper is Made

There is a magical feeling that accompanies running into the living room on Christmas morning and spotting the packages wrapped in bright and colorful paper. The room is lit up in green and red and white as far as the eye can see. A quizzical snowman decorates one package while another is adorned with snowflakes […]

Ford Boston Dynamics Canine Robots

Tomorrow's World Today Ford 1

Who let the dogs out? Boston Dynamics recently developed a four-legged robot that can be used for a variety of different functions from industrial inspection to entertainment. The design of the robots allows them to inspect dangerous, inaccessible, and remote environments. They’re also able to be used for data collection and carrying payloads on unknown […]

TWT S1 E4: Sustainable Cotton

TWT Show Stories Sustainable Fashion 3

Now that they’ve decided on an energy source (and backup energy source) for The Park of the Future, it’s time to blazer forward to their next project. In this episode of TWT, George and Tamara start to focus on the idea of clothing for the park- both for park uniforms and for selling in the gift […]

Hong Kong and the Art of Feng Shui

Feng shui, the Chinese practice of arranging a space to harmonize with nature, is a delicate art. It’s also one that seems to contradict modern sensibilities. Skyscrapers and apartment complexes can house multiple companies or families, each with their own unique style. However, some architects have found ways to incorporate feng shui into the very […]

Bringing the Jungalow Style Home

Farmhouse. Rustic. Modern. Colonial. All of these have been popular styles for interior design over the years, and still remain widely used and common today. But there’s a new style on the prowl, taking a big bite out of the competition and redefining the term “urban jungle.” A portmanteau of “jungle” and “bungalow,” the Jungalow […]

A Note of History: The Piano

piano keys

The modern piano produces a sound so captivating that it has the power to bring entire audiences to tears, but tickling the ivories wasn’t always so simple. The piano as we know it today began in the 1700s. However, it wouldn’t have been possible to develop without the knowledge of string-based instruments, which dates back […]

Shakespeare & The Globe Theater

The Modern Globe Exterior

Shakespeare tells us that life is ‘a poor player who struts and frets his hour upon the stage’- but which stage is that? The Globe Theater was the original site for a lot of Shakespeare’s most famous and influential plays. Shakespeare and his acting troupe, Lord Chamberlain’s Men, decided to build their own theater when […]