Antarctica: Blood Falls and Diamond Dust

Tomorrow's World Today Antarctica 1

You may think you know a thing or two about Antarctica, but did you know it’s actually considered a desert? There is a common misconception that deserts are the barren sweltering stretches of land filled with sand and heat, but that’s actually not always the case. A desert is simply an area that doesn’t receive […]

White Sands National Park

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You’re standing on a hilltop and you see layers of pure white filling every hill as far as the eye can see. The flecks blow in the breeze as you trudge through, your feet brushing against the cool ground. It may sound like we’re describing a snowy mountaintop, but this is really the look and […]

Tamara’s Travel Blog: Vegas

las vegas desert

You know what they say: what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas…except when you’re catching it on video because you’re shooting a TV show! The TWT crew and I journeyed to Las Vegas to shoot part of Episode 107, which is focused on the technology of flight. Ironically, this was the episode for which I […]