WaterNest: The Floating House of Tomorrow

A group of WaterNest floating houses.

The idea of living on the water is nothing new. Houseboats, beachfront properties, and homes on stilts- some form or another of waterfront living has been part of society since the earliest structures. It makes sense…you’ve got easy access to water for cleaning, cooking, bathing, and drinking. That’s not even considering the gorgeous views and […]

Gold-Medal VR: The Virtual Reality Experience at the Olympics

A skier in the final stretch of his run.

If you watched the Winter Olympics earlier this year, you may have seen promotions for the virtual reality experience NBC and Intel hosted. Thirty different events, including the opening ceremony, were streamed as 360-degree videos for cable subscribers with access to a VR headset of some kind. Those without a headset could use an app […]

The Science and Art of Molecular Gastronomy

A dish being plated at a molecular gastronomy restaurant.

To the elite, molecular gastronomy is nothing new. The art of breaking down a dish into its individual parts has been around for many years, and it is slowly leeching into more mainstream diets. You see it most commonly on cooking shows as the “deconstructed” forms of popular meals. For example, a deconstructed lasagna might […]

Creating the Xbox One X: How a Console is Made

A person playing with an Xbox One X controller.

For most consumers, buying a new video game console is as easy as going to the store and taking it from the shelf. The device came straight from the company headquarters, as far as they’re concerned. But as with all electronics, there’s a lengthy and multi-faceted process to making the console. Today, we take you […]

CGI and The Magic of Movies

A woman's face being scanned and created using CGI technology.

If you were to watch the original Jurassic Park and then immediately follow it with Jurassic World, you’ll likely notice a few key differences. For starters, one has Jeff Goldblum while the other has Chris Pratt. The other is the difference between CGI dinosaurs and using practical effects. CGI (short for computer-generated imagery) is ubiquitous […]

The Art of Stop-Motion Animation

Two burlap characters made for a stop-motion project.

Modern animated movies seem to always be computer-animated. What was once the stomping grounds of Pixar alone is now cluttered with the footprints of DreamWorks, Sony, Illumination, and even Disney. Even if the animation isn’t in 3D, computers are still used extensively. There are exceptions, of course: the hand-drawn anime films of Studio Ghibli, for […]

Changing the Game: How Stadiums are Going Green

If there’s one thing that is quintessentially American, it is our sports stadiums. Americans love sports, and the arenas in which our athletes play reflect this. Deluxe seating, gourmet dining, and other amusements are common sights alongside expensive souvenirs and professional physical activity. But one of the rarer sights in these parks is environmental friendliness. […]

Lighting the Forge: The Blacksmithing Revival

A piece of metal being forged.

If there’s one profession that seems destined to remain in medieval times and fantasy worlds, it’s blacksmithing. Most people have no need for a sword or battleax, which makes the practice somewhat obsolete. But blacksmithing has not been lost to time or dismissed as something from Dungeons and Dragons. The job is still around and […]

Seven Ways to Bring Plants into Your Small Space

A group of floating terrariums.

The eternal struggle: keeping a plant alive in a cramped space, whether it’s a tiny apartment, a cubicle, or a dorm. Houseplants are an effortless way to brighten up a room and bring some nature indoors, but if you don’t have a house, it’s nearly impossible. Or is it? Here’s a few neat tricks to […]

Volvo and the Death of CO2 Emissions

It’s a feat most can only dream of: going completely carbon neutral. It’s insanely difficult to pull off, as nearly every action we make has some impact on the environment. But it can be done, and on impressively large scales. Lowering your own carbon footprint is commendable, but how about a car manufacturing plant breaking […]