Logitech Adaptive Gaming Kit

Tomorrow's World Today Logitec Adaptive Gaming Kit 3

For able-bodied gamers, pushing the buttons on your controller has become second nature (minus the occasional hand cramp). But, for the over 46 million gamers in the United States living with disabilities, controller designs aren’t very always user-friendly. Current controller and keyboard/mouse gaming requires two hands and several dexterous fingers to operate efficiently. This is […]

Evolution of Playstation Consoles

Tomorrow's World Today Evolution of Playstation Consoles 2

The original Playstation console was released on December 3rd, 1994 in Japan. The creation of the console was spurred on by a failed partnership between Nintendo and Sony, who had previously been in talks about developing an add-on for the Super Nintendo. It featured a dual-speed CD-ROM drive and one core CPU (gosh, what an […]