How Hiking Boots Are Made

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An essential for any hiking aficionado is a high-quality set of hiking boots, but have you wondered how they’re able to withstand every harsh condition in nature from stones to storms? The first step in making hiking boots is for a designer to draw up a style that will be comfortable for the wearer, durable, […]

How Boots Are Made

When the leaves begin to change, the temperature begins dropping to a comfortable level, and the days start to get shorter we know one thing- it’s fall y’all. And that means it’s time to break out our fall wardrobe (or have an online shopping spree). It’s time to break out our turtlenecks, scarves, light jackets, […]

How Ice Skates are Made

While many winter sports are modern inventions, ice skating is not among them. There is evidence that suggests some form of the hobby has been around since 1000 BC. Granted, this was a more primitive version with bones being strapped to boots, but the concept is a long-standing tradition. And as society evolved, so did […]