Natural Wonder: The Marble Cathedral in Chile

Tomorrow's World Today Marble Cathedral 3

Every once in a while, one stumbles upon a natural wonder that is so captivating that it’s comparable to a spiritual experience. The Marble Cathedral lies on the shore of General Carrera Lake in Patagonia, Chile. This natural wonder gained its title due to the shape of the caverns, whose ceiling reflects that of a […]

The Na Pali Coast

Tomorrow's World Today Na Pali Coast 1

Picture this: You’re boating on crystal bright blue water. Sea air is blowing through your hair and across your face, the warm sun is shining down on you… and then, all of a sudden, there are enormous towering cliffs surrounding you. The sight is breathtaking and the combination of the height and precariousness leave you […]

The AirFish 8: A Seabound Liftoff

The concept of hybrid vehicles- that is, vehicles with elements of two or more forms of transportation- have a certain novelty to them. Most cities with major bodies of water offer “duck boat” tours in buses that can enter the water. Seaplanes allow pilots to land and take off from water. The AirFish is just […]