Benjamin Von Wong and the Art of Trash

Strawpocalypse by Benjamin Von wong

“No straw please,” you say, politely declining the piece of plastic with your drink. It seems like an innocuous, if somewhat unusual comment. But when we waste so much plastic, it’s hard to feel like such a small action would have any impact. It does, even as truckloads of garbage are dumped in the ocean […]

Matthias Pliessnig: The Art of Sitting

"Amada" by Matthias Pliessnig

Where are you reading this article? No, not what device you’re using, but what is your your actual, physical location? Odds are you’re sitting somewhere. Perhaps you’re sitting on your favorite sofa. Have you ever wondered who designed that sofa? Just like fashion, furniture needs to be designed and modeled. Certain trends dictate what fabrics […]

Quayola and Enhancing Art

Part of the Satra series by Quayola

It’s usually easy to identify what medium or subject an artist is most comfortable with. For example, a painter with an emphasis on still-life is pretty self-explanatory. They may branch out to other topics or materials on occasion, but most artists have a niche and a solid identity. And then there are artists like Quayola. […]

Brett Harvey: A Literal Bodysculpter

"The Age of Guilt" by Brett Harvey

One of the most difficult aspects of sculpting is the fine details. Individual muscles are one thing, but veins and folds in the skin? Seemingly impossible. The key word here is “seemingly,” because, for American artist Brett Harvey, it’s the standard for his work. Born in 1985 in Boston, Brett Harvey is a sculptor who […]

Nature’s Beauty with Andy Goldsworthy

Rock balancing is a classic case of “exactly what it says on the tin.” A person, sometimes an artist, stacks stones on top of one another in a creative manner with the hopes that it will remain standing. Cairns, for example, are pieces of rock balancing used to mark trails. And at the forefront of […]