Episode 313: All About The Energy Observer

When it comes to a carbon footprint, some of the biggest contributors can be from industries we least expect. When you think of environmental hazards you typically think of the meat industry, cars, air travel, deforestation, etc. But did you know that traveling via cruise ship actually creates a huge carbon footprint? Research shows that […]

Sustainable Heating and Cooling

Tomorrow's World Today Sustainable Heating and Cooling Systems

Although you may be an avid recycler, there are still many aspects of your life that will leave a carbon footprint and some of the biggest energy users in any building are the heating and cooling systems. Keeping a building at a comfortable temperature is difficult and doing so can eat up a large amount […]

Wind Lens: The Future of Turbines

Wind turbines, the successor to windmills, aren’t a terribly common sight in many parts of the world. In order for the machines to work, they need to have a healthy supply of windy weather. They can also be expensive to build and install, depending on what materials are used. Because it’s a form of alternative […]