Fly Me to (Museum of) the Moon

Completing rituals or events under moonlight is a classic tradition in many cultures. The moon holds a great deal of significance in almost all societies, from the ancient to the modern. But the moon itself remains far out of reach, accessible only to those with years of training and deep pockets. Us common folk must […]

The Singing Ringing Tree

In the English town of Burnley, a most peculiar structure stands. It’s three meters tall, made of galvanized steel pipes, and is powered by wind. It’s called the Singing Ringing Tree, and it’s quite possibly the largest windchime on the planet. Designed by architects Mike Tonkin and Anna Liu, the Singing Ringing Tree was part […]

The Power of Art Prescription Programs

For those diagnosed with physical and mental health problems, medicine is usually prescribed to help lessen the effects. But in the United Kingdom, you may be told to take drawing lessons alongside your Prozac. Art prescription programs have been gaining quite a bit of traction in the UK to the approval of many. The Arts Council […]