Computer Recycling: A Detailed Guide

It’s always difficult to buy a new computer. So many technical specifications and models to consider, even within the same operating system…and that’s not even getting into the cost. And getting rid of the old machine can be a little sad. Fortunately, when it’s time to upgrade, recycling can take care of what’s now obsolete. […]

Meet Daisy, the iPhone-Eating Robot

Removing iPhone speakers

When it’s time to upgrade your phone, you should try to recycle the old one. After all, if you can’t sell it, the next best thing is to have its parts be made into a new model, right? But who takes care of disassembling the old phone? Well, if you have an iPhone, her name […]

Episode 308: Creative Uses For Shipping Containers

In this episode of Tomorrow’s World Today, Field Reporter Darieth Chisolm visits Lazer Spot headquarters in Georgia in order to learn more about their logistics process and how they’ve managed to streamline shipping operations. But did you know that shipping containers are used for much more than getting goods from point A to point B? […]

TWT S2 E11: Closing the Recycling Circle

TWT Season 2 Recycling 5

Though recycling has bin an imperfect practice at times, it always makes us happy to learn about different advancements that continuously improve this planet-saving process. In this episode of TWT, Jackie travels to California to learn about advancements in recycling. Though polystyrene hasn’t been easy to recycle in the past, Jackie learns about a partnership […]

Benjamin Von Wong and the Art of Trash

Strawpocalypse by Benjamin Von wong

“No straw please,” you say, politely declining the piece of plastic with your drink. It seems like an innocuous, if somewhat unusual comment. But when we waste so much plastic, it’s hard to feel like such a small action would have any impact. It does, even as truckloads of garbage are dumped in the ocean […]

Breaking Down Bioplastics

You’ve probably been taught to throw your plastics in the recycling bin. The reasoning is that plastics, by virtue of being synthetic, can’t break down into their component parts. If one was to end up in a landfill, it would sit there for all eternity. This is why they’re recycled, so they can be broken […]