Evolution of Playstation Consoles

Tomorrow's World Today Evolution of Playstation Consoles 2

The original Playstation console was released on December 3rd, 1994 in Japan. The creation of the console was spurred on by a failed partnership between Nintendo and Sony, who had previously been in talks about developing an add-on for the Super Nintendo. It featured a dual-speed CD-ROM drive and one core CPU (gosh, what an […]

Becoming 3D: Holograms and the Entertainment Industry

Michael Jackson performs in hologram form.

If you’ve watched any science fiction movie from the last… ever, you’ve probably been exposed to the idea of a hologram. The concept of being able to project your image or recreate something without it physically being there is insanely tempting. In fact, for many, holograms are the very definition of “future technology.” But here’s […]