The Pink Lake: Lake Hillier

Tomorrow's World Today Lake Hillier 2

Throwback to your kindergarten days and you’re coloring in a map. You’ve got an array of crayons (which you’re quite proud of if you’re being honest), organized as you begin to color in a realistic natural landscape. You begin with the land which you color in with a green crayon, the trees are brown, and […]

Natural World Wonder: Cuevas del Drach

Tomorrow's World Today Cuevas Del Drach 1

Have you ever visited a natural world wonder and thought, “Wow, this looks like something straight out of an Indiana Jones movie?” You keep your hands close to your sides as you walk around, not wanting to trigger any booby traps, waiting for the goons to leap out for an intense sword fight. That sense […]

Natural Wonder: The Marble Cathedral in Chile

Tomorrow's World Today Marble Cathedral 3

Every once in a while, one stumbles upon a natural wonder that is so captivating that it’s comparable to a spiritual experience. The Marble Cathedral lies on the shore of General Carrera Lake in Patagonia, Chile. This natural wonder gained its title due to the shape of the caverns, whose ceiling reflects that of a […]

White Sands National Park

Tomorrow's World Today White Sands 1

You’re standing on a hilltop and you see layers of pure white filling every hill as far as the eye can see. The flecks blow in the breeze as you trudge through, your feet brushing against the cool ground. It may sound like we’re describing a snowy mountaintop, but this is really the look and […]

Thoreau’s Lake: Walden Pond

Walden Pond in autumn

The picturesque beauty of a lake is well-documented throughout history. Humankind has always been charmed by ponds and other bodies of water, with these secluded pools often holding a special appeal. How did they get here? Where is the water from? While these questions are universal, some are less applicable. For example: what makes Walden […]