Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival

Tomorrow's World Today Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival 1

Japan is known for having a wide variety of interesting words, words that literally can’t be translated into other languages. Shinrinyoku translates to ‘forest bath’, komorebi translates to ‘sunlight filtered through tree leaves’, Kuidaore translates to ‘eating yourself into bankruptcy’… see what we mean? One such word is hanami which directly translates to ‘viewing flowers’, […]

The NEXTAGE of Robots

The Kawada group, based in Japan, knows that the age of robots is here. More robotic creations are taking over menial jobs, like sorting items or packing them for shipment. The problem, in their eyes at least, is that we treat these robots as “equipment,” when they should be more like partners. That’s why they […]

Wind Lens: The Future of Turbines

Wind turbines, the successor to windmills, aren’t a terribly common sight in many parts of the world. In order for the machines to work, they need to have a healthy supply of windy weather. They can also be expensive to build and install, depending on what materials are used. Because it’s a form of alternative […]

Dance Around the Globe

kabuki Japanese dance

Around and around we go: moving, changing, and spinning. This statement could easily refer to either the Earth itself or to the art of dance. In this case, it refers to both. Each country around the world is utterly unique, with its own traditions, food, and even its own style of dance. Though the techniques […]

VOCALOID: The Virtual Pop Star

Even the most talented of musicians will stumble on occasion. A missed note, a forgotten lyric, a literal stumble on stage during a routine. But what if there was an artist who would never skip a verse, drop a microphone, or flub choreography? VOCALOID is not a new concept, with the first iteration of the […]