Evolution of Cameras

Tomorrow's World Today Evolution of the Camera 3

In honor of National Camera Day on June 29th, it’s time to grab your favorite cameras and head out into the world. You can take some fun candid shots as you hang out with friends, drive out to a scenic location to take some nature photos, or even throw on a stylish outfit and strut […]

Walk This Way: Historical Shoe Exhibit

Tomorrow's World Today Walk This Way 3

These boots may have been made for walking, but now they’re serving an entirely different function. The latest display at the Taft Museum of Art features some fancy footwear in a historical tribute to a variety of different shoes. The collection itself began not as an art exhibit, but as a simple gift exchange between […]

‘Off the Record’ Art Exhibit

Tomorrow's World Today Off the Record 3

Although art is a form of expression that holds great emotional power, it has also historically been something that challenges the mainstream. It breaks from the mold and forces us to critically examine both ourselves and society as a whole. That’s precisely what is brought to a visitor’s attention in the New York City art […]

How Sunglasses Are Made: History and Production

Tomorrow's World Today Sunglasses 3

Sunglasses not only protect your eyes from those harmful UV rays, but they’re also an iconic fashion statement piece. And, in these blazing summer months, you couldn’t be more grateful for these little accessories which allow you to avoid having to squint and cover your eyes during sunny afternoons. But do you know how your […]

Stonehenge Summer Solstice Live

Ancient and manmade with elements of nature, Stonehenge has been the site of much inspiration and mystery throughout our history. The construction of this architectural marvel was perplexing as both how it was built and it’s purpose remain unknown. Several of the stones used in the creation of this phenomenon were from various distant locations. […]

The Evolution of Energy

Green evolution diagram

Let’s travel back to the 17th century, right before the Industrial Revolution. It’s a bit cold out, so you bundled up in heavy layers and lit a fire. The mill where you work is powered by a water wheel. Once the grain is milled, you take it to various distributors with your horse and wagon. […]

The Aurora Borealis

Picture this: you’re hiking through a cold, dark land. Flecks of snow are brushing your skin gently as your boots crunch in the icy ground. Suddenly, without warning, the sky explodes in a spectacular display of color. What was once dark and black is now every color all at once- blues, violets, reds, and greens […]

A Brief History of Pollock

A stamp showing Pollock's "Convergence."

If you’ve ever heard “my kid could paint that!” while in the middle of an art gallery, chances are there’s a Pollock nearby. The American painter is famous for his abstract drip paintings and the source of much discussion in the art community. Are they truly pieces of art, or just a mockery? No matter […]

History of Winemaking

Various wines being poured into glasses.

The idea of fermenting fruit and consuming it as a beverage- aka winemaking- has been around since at least 7000 BC. And the importance of indulging in the drink and all its side effects is well-documented in several cultures. But why was it so important to various religions and societies? How has the process changed […]