Medicinal Plants: Nature’s Doctors

Want to feel better without taking medicine or going to a doctor? Well, this isn’t that kind of article- you still need to suck it up and visit a professional. But there are plenty of natural remedies you can use for smaller pains and ills, many of which you might already have in your pantry. […]

The Healing Power of Forest Bathing

A man enjoying nature

When you think of “bathing,” you probably picture sitting alone in a tub full of water. Maybe it’s in a large, luxurious spa; perhaps bubbles encase your body. Either way, it’s for cleaning the body of grime and scum. This is not that kind of bathing. Forest bathing doesn’t require water, but the end goal […]

Raw Honey: Nature’s Super Food

Honey and honeycomb

Honey is quite possibly a miracle food. It never goes bad and is sweeter than sugar without any of the dangers. It also tastes delicious. However, the kind of honey you buy at the grocery store might not be as beneficial as it could be. Commercial honey has been heated and processed since being harvested. […]

Purify the Air With Plants

A bunch of Gerbera daisies.

Pollution not only hurts our environment, but our bodies as well. Long-term effects include developing asthma, accelerated aging of the lungs, and even shortened lifespan. Is there any way to combat the air? These plants might be the solution. SNAKE PLANT Snake plants are not only striking (and easy to care for), but remarkable helpers […]