Space Travel and Cosmic Lighthouses

Tomorrow's World Today Cosmic Lighthouses 1

For years, lighthouses have been used as a way for sailors to find their way to shore. Now, in the 21st century, finding directions has become even more sophisticated with the invention of GPS devices. And, as we look to the future, we look up toward the stars. Since space travel will likely be more […]

TWT S2 E4: Automobile Protection and GPS

TWT Season 2 GPS 3

We often find ourselves thinking about how lost we’d be without the technology featured in this TWT episode (quite literally). During this segment, Tamara took a trip to Eastman and learned about the advancements in car coatings. She saw demonstrations of how they’re making cars more scratch-resistant and even listened to theories on how coatings […]

An Interview with Microchip

Hope you were able to catch all four new Season 2 episodes this weekend!  In one of the episodes, we featured Microchip and learned about GPS and the atomic clock. We sat down with Greg Wolff, director of product marketing in Microchip’s frequency and timing business unit, to learn more. Tomorrow’s World Today (TWT): I think we […]