Jet Suit: An IRL Superhero

The jetpack- easily one of the most iconic symbols of “the future” in pop culture. If you want to establish that your world is technologically advanced, then you must show a character flying around with their own personal jetpack. Unfortunately, our world is severely lacking in the jetpack department. They exist, yes, but only for […]

The World of Biomimicry

Biomimicry concept

Imagine you’re a researcher tasked with solving a difficult problem- in this case, something specifically related to sustainability. It’s a project that’s stumped your peers. There are several traditional solutions you could fall back on, but they aren’t as environmentally friendly as you’d like. Instead, you turn to biomimicry. Because to paraphrase Dr. Ian Malcom, […]

Parker Solar Probe: Gateway to the Sun

As the myth of Icarus taught us, flying too close to the sun results in getting burned. This applies to within our atmosphere alone- there’s a reason the only hospitable planet in our solar system is nearly 100 million miles away from the star. But what if we could get closer- within only a few […]

CIMON: The AI Buddy on the ISS

It’s lonely out in space, Elton John once sang. While few of us have had the opportunity to venture beyond our planet, all reports both fictional and real back up this claim. Even with the company of fellow astronauts, there are still stories of isolation and missing society. What astronauts need on the International Space […]

Benjamin Von Wong and the Art of Trash

Strawpocalypse by Benjamin Von wong

“No straw please,” you say, politely declining the piece of plastic with your drink. It seems like an innocuous, if somewhat unusual comment. But when we waste so much plastic, it’s hard to feel like such a small action would have any impact. It does, even as truckloads of garbage are dumped in the ocean […]

Snæfellsjökull: Iceland’s Ancient Beauty

Snæfellsjökull mountain

Deep in western Iceland lies a glacier. Well, it appears to be a glacier at first glance. It’s truthfully a volcano with a glacier cap. For 700,000 years, it sat in the Snæfellsnes peninsula, sometimes visible from the nearby city of Reykjavik. It’s called Snæfellsjökull, and it’s one of the most iconic sites in the […]

Audi and Green Light Technology

GLOSA heads-up display

The eternal problem of driving: the red light. While we all know it’s important, there’s nothing more frustrating than hitting a series of stops when you’re running late. Disregarding them is also not advised. If only there was a way you could ensure you’ll hit only green lights, thus drastically cutting down on your commute […]

Matthias Pliessnig: The Art of Sitting

"Amada" by Matthias Pliessnig

Where are you reading this article? No, not what device you’re using, but what is your your actual, physical location? Odds are you’re sitting somewhere. Perhaps you’re sitting on your favorite sofa. Have you ever wondered who designed that sofa? Just like fashion, furniture needs to be designed and modeled. Certain trends dictate what fabrics […]

Thoreau’s Lake: Walden Pond

Walden Pond in autumn

The picturesque beauty of a lake is well-documented throughout history. Humankind has always been charmed by ponds and other bodies of water, with these secluded pools often holding a special appeal. How did they get here? Where is the water from? While these questions are universal, some are less applicable. For example: what makes Walden […]