Innovative Amputation Surgery: Dr. Shriya Srinivasan

Tomorrow's World Today Dr. Shriya Srinivasan 3

A new and innovative amputation surgery has been making headlines and giving amputees a new lease on life. Developed by MIT researchers in collaboration with surgeons at Harvard Medical School, the surgery allows amputees to better control their residual muscles and receive sensory feedback. In most amputation surgeries, muscle pairs that control affected joints are […]

Stay-At-Home Dance & Symphony Performances

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Symphonic music crescendos around you so forcefully that you can feel the arms of your seat vibrating beneath your palms. You want to close your eyes and just feel the music, but you don’t want to miss a moment of what’s happening on stage. Bright costumes flit from one end of the stage to the […]

Dance and the Melting Pot

african drums dance

The term Melting Pot refers to a place where different people, styles, or theories are mixed together. As a country, America has always taken pride in considering itself home to this terminology, combining the food, traditions and styles of several different countries all mixed together. At a time where it’s easy to feel divided, it’s […]

Dance Around the Globe

kabuki Japanese dance

Around and around we go: moving, changing, and spinning. This statement could easily refer to either the Earth itself or to the art of dance. In this case, it refers to both. Each country around the world is utterly unique, with its own traditions, food, and even its own style of dance. Though the techniques […]