Date Time Episode Title
5/4/2019 8:00am Bananas to Your Table
5/4/2019 8:00am Growing Power with Tree Sustainability
5/5/2019 8:00am Algae the Power of Tomorrow
5/5/2019 8:30am Automobile Protection and GPS
5/11/2019 8:00am Insurance and the Gig Environment
5/11/2019 8:30am Sustainable Dairy
5/12/2019 8:00am Plastic to Fabric
5/12/2019 8:30am Paper, Banana's and the Environment
5/18/2019 8:00am World Wide Logistics
5/18/2019 8:30am Sustainable Dairy
5/19/2019 8:00am Plastic to Fabric
5/19/2019 8:30am World Wide Logistics
5/25/2019 8:00am Future of Plastic, Park Investment & the Invetsons
5/25/2019 8:30am Closing the Recycling Circle
5/26/2019 8:00am Missing Children and Child Nutrition
5/26/2019 8:30am IoT: Internet of Things and Healthcare

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