The Name Game

We need your help!

In the very last episode of season one we enlisted the help of our viewers naming our Park of the Future. Over the course of this summer, we are gathering park names to include on our leader board – allowing people to vote for whichever name they like the most. Now, we need you, the viewers, to start submitting your names!

What is the name game?

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The Four Worlds

Before you enter your name for our Theme Park of the Future, keep in mind what the park is all about. Guests will come from around the world to immerse themselves in The Four Worlds (Inspiration, Creation, Innovation and Production) where they will participate in edutaining activities that both educate, and inspire people to create.

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World of Inspiration

Where your imagination will soar

World of Creation

Where necessity turns into creativity

World of Innovation

Where ideas blast off

World of Production

Where big ideas bring big growth

The Name Game Leaderboard

  • Tomorrow’s World Today Park
  • Davison Land
  • Discovery Park
  • Creativity Cove
  • Creation Nation
  • Creator’s Land
  • Future World
  • Innovation World
  • Tech City
  • Tomorrow Land

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